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Narrative Health Podcast

What is Narrative Health?

The Narrative Health Podcast was a limited series where patients, staff, and students shared stories around the Community-University Health Care Center and greater issues in health care. 

Podcast Host: former BA/MD student Amera Hassan, co-created with EmmaLee Pallai.

Ep 1: What is Narrative Health?

In this episode, we introduce Narrative Health to our listeners. With us today are EmmaLee Pallai, and Dr. Cuong Pham to discuss the importance of story.

The Power of a Diagnosis

Ep 2: The Power of a Diagnosis

In this episode, we have a story from a CUHCC patient about how it felt to finally receive a diagnosis after 11 years of waiting.

Health Advocacy

Ep 3: Health Advocacy

In this episode, we have a story about taking health advocacy into your own hands.

Ramadan Revealed: A Community-Based Perspective to Ramadan

Learning Module

The learning module can be found by clicking here

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the main aspects of Ramadan
  • Describe common misconceptions surrounding Ramadan
  • Understand the importance of Ramadan to those who observe and their families 
  • Approach Ramadan from an Islamic perspective and apply it to a practice 

COVID-19 Vaccines Webinar Series

Unpacking Vaccine Hesitancy in the Era of COVID-19

Speakers: Brittany Kimball, MD and Talitha Wilson, MD
Panelist: Will Matchett, PhD
Learning Objectives
1. Become aware of historical trauma contributing to vaccine hesitancy
2. Understand common reasons for COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy
3. Develop strategies to address vaccine hesitancy and advocate for vaccination   
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