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Well Child Check-Ups

What happens at a Well-Child check? 

  • Information about physical and mental health
  • Complete head-to-toe physical exam
  • Immunizations, when needed
  • Hearing check
  • Vision check
  • Lab tests, when needed
  • Checks on development and growth
  • Oral health screening and a referral to the dentist
  • Time to ask questions and get answers about your child's health, behavior and development
  • Time to discuss your child’s thoughts, feelings and relationships


When Should My Child Get A Well-Child Check?

         Visits are recommended at these ages:

  • Between birth and 1 month
  • At 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24 and 30 months
  • Every year starting at age 3 through age 20
  • More often if needed

Look at this schedule to understand when to bring your child in for a check-up:

Developmental Milestones

How your child plays, learns, speaks, acts, and moves offers important clues about your child’s development. Developmental milestones are things most children (75% or more) can do by a certain age.

Is your child not hitting the below milestones? Don't worry, schedule an appointment with one of our pediatricians and they will check if everything is alright!

2 Month Milestone   (Spanish Translations) 

4 Month Milestone   (Spanish Translations)

6 Month Milestone   (Spanish Translations)

9 Month Milestone   (Spanish Translations)

1 Year Milestone      (Spanish Translations) 

15 Month Milestone  (Spanish Translations) 

18 Month Milestone  (Spanish Translations) 

2 Year Milestone        (Spanish Translations)

30 Month Milestone   (Spanish Translations)

3 Year Milestone         (Spanish Translations)

4 Year Milestone         (Spanish Translations)

5 Year Milestone         (Spanish Translations)

Same Day Pediatric Visits

Did your child wake up not feeling well? No problem.

Give CUHCC a call at 612-301-3433 and we will try to fit them in to see a medical provider that very same day. 

Minneapolis Public School Health Forms

If your child attends any Minneapolis Public School they will need these documents completed. Bring to your child's Well-Child Check-Up and we can help complete them: 


Sports Physicals

Make sure your child is safe this sports season by scheduling them a pre-season sports physical so they can play their best and do it safely. 

Please bring this form to your childs visit:

Travel Visits

Are you leaving the country and need to know what general vaccines or Covid-19 immunizations your child may need? Schedule with a medical provider today and take some of the worry out of travel. 

*Try to schedule at least one month before departure to make sure your child can receive all the necessary vaccines.


Can't make it to the clinic? No problem, CUHCC offers virtual appointments with your medical provider. Call the front desk at 612-301-3433 to schedule your telemedicine visit today. 

*Child has to be present at telemedicine visit. 

Teen Sexual Health

Sexual Health appointments are the ONLY type of visit that CUHCC can legally see patients under 18 without a parent or legal guardians consent. 

  • Clinic for teen check-ups and/or acute problems
  • Confidential care for teens
  • Low cost birth control methods, including: pills, patch, NuvaRing, Depo-Provera, diaphragm, IUD, natural family planning (cycle beads), permanent sterilization counseling, spermicide, Nexplanon and condoms (condoms are available in clinic rooms and at the CUHCC front desk).
  • Emergency Contraception (the morning after pill/MyWay)
  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and treatment for you and your partner



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Full Service Dental Care for Kids Ages 0-18

Regular trips to the dentist are one of the best things you can do for your child's health. Here's what to expect at a dental visit:

  • Get to know each other and make sure your child is comfortable and calm
  • Receive a gental mouth examination: looking for any early signs of tooth decay
  • Discuss and explain any recommended treatments if necessary
  • Talk about good oral care tips and how to prevent tooth decay at home
  • Schedule any follow-up appointments if necessary

Systemic Disease & Specialty Care

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Teething help
  • Thumb sucking tips 
  • & more 

Low Cost Dentistry

No Insurance? No Problem. CUHCC will provide medical care even if you cannot afford to pay. 

Explore our payment options here.

Behavioral Specialists to Calm Pediatric Patients

Our pediatric dental team has special training in calming patients including those with special needs. We use a variety of different methods to make sure your child feels comfortable and it is a pleasent experience for both children and parents. 

Teething Schedule

Baby Teeth
Adult Teeth


How to Care For Your Childs Teeth

Mental Health & Case Managment

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Mental Health & Case Managment

Child Mental Health Targeted Case Management

Our case managers can assist you in a variety of ways, including: 

  • Symptom management 
  • Mental health services
  • Alcohol/drug abuse: substance use screenings and referrals to treatment services
  • Educational
  • Interpersonal relations
  • & more 

Do you or someone you know sound qualified? 

Apply for services with attached link. 

Child & Family Therapy Options

  • Outpatient therapy for children and adolescents
  • Family therapy
  •  Children's psychiatric services and assessments



Help with Behavioral Issues