Care Coordination Services

Our Care Coordination Services focus on a culturally sensitive whole-person care program.

What is Whole Person Care?

It is about you and all aspects of your healthcare needs as a unique individual. You will be connected to a care coordinator who can assist with the following:

  • Coordinating your medical, behavioral, and
  •  dental health services
  • Practice coping strategies
  • Find a therapist or psych provider
  • Help schedule special appointments
  • Navigate hard-to-access health and disability services
  • Discuss options for substance use treatment
  • Connect to community organizations for basic needs like food, clothing, or housing
  • Navigate state benefits and financial supports
  • Set and achieve mental health or substance use goals
  • Discover behavioral health strategies to manage chronic health conditions better

Who may be on my Care Team?

  • You
  • Your family
  • CUHCC providers
  • CUHCC care coordinator
  • Health specialists
  • Other community members who may be involved in your care
  • Anyone else you may want to include
  • Connect you with resources
  • Provide education

If you want to speak to a Care Coordinator, ask your doctor at your next appointment or schedule a Care Coordinator appointment at our front desk.

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