CUHCC Offers Substance Use Disorder Assistance & Harm Reduction Services

Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction Services At CUHCC

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Harm Reduction Services At CUHCC

Outpatient Suboxone Clinic

Suboxone Program Info

CUHCC's Outpatient Suboxone Clinic consists of: 

  • Initial Intake Visit - Meet care team, go over program guidelines and expectations, establish trust on both ends, collaborate to create individual treatment plan, sign necessary waivers, etc.
  • Weekly visits with support team to manage dosage and monitor condition for 1 month
  • Medical team will evaluate correct prescription for participant to pick up at pharmacy of choice  
  • Participants will be responsible for taking medication daily at dose and rate decided upon with care team 
  • Move to monthly visits as support team sees fit

Wound Care

KH Meeting with Sam Palombo (wound nurse) 

Hepatitis C Testing & Treatment

Hepatitus C is a virus spread by contact with contaminated blood, for example, from sharing needles, unsterile tattoo tools, etc. 

CUHCC offers Hep C testing and treatment programs! Meet with a provider today and talk about screening and treatment options. 

Mental & Social Support

Whether your goal is to prevent overdose and infectious disease transmission; improve physical, mental, and social wellbeing; or are in need of low barrier options for substance use and mental health disorder treatment CUHCC can help in a variety of ways including: 

  • Harm Reduction: 
  • Addiction Counseling: 
  • Case Managment : Connection to housing, food, resources, etc. 



One-on-one Patient Support

One of the biggest assets to our Suboxone and Harm Reduction Program is our ability to offer one-on-one patient support from our empathetic Program Director. By building this connection at CUHCC you gain: 

  • A familiar and trutworthy face who supports you at clinic visits with medical staff
  • Easy text access for questions or concerns from 9-5p, daily 
  • Offers a solution based approach to address other barriers to your personalized recovery 


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What is Opiod Use Disorder?

with at least two of the following occurring within a 12-month period: