Who We Are

SoLaHmo is a community-driven program of West Side. Most of the community researcher are Somali, Latino, and Hmong (or have come from Somali, Latino, and Hmong communities).

While historically, SoLaHmo has been made up of Somali, Latino and Hmong community members, more recently community researchers from additional ethnic communities and communities of identity have joined us for specific research projects relevant for their communities.

SoLaHmo is a community-based participatory action research group where community members, researchers, and healthcare providers can work together to make a difference in community health by tapping into community strengths and wisdom while preparing community members to be equal partners in research.


SoLaHmo is a community-driven organization of community researchers using:

  • Community-based participatory action research (CBPAR)
  • Asset-based approaches to maximize communities’ health
  • Community members are equal partners in all phases of research
  • Partnerships are built on Trust, Shared Power, Shared Resources, Shared Decision Making

Prevent Chronic Disease


Promote Healthy Families and Youth


Improve Mental Health


Increase Culturally Responsive Health Care