COVID-19 Vaccine Information

COVID-19 Vaccine - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Information about COVID-19 vaccines is rapidly changing as we learn more about authorization, prioritization and distribution plans. CUHCC patients can find the most up-to-date details here.

We'll keep this page constantly updated so you have the latest facts about getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

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When will I be able to get a COVID-19 vaccine?

As of 1/19/2021, CUHCC has limited COVID-19 vaccine for established CUHCC patients 65 and older. CUHCC does not have the COVID-19 vaccine for non-patients or the general public at this time.

The US government is looking at the safety of additional vaccines right now. They have approved two on an emergency basis and there may be others approved soon.

Is there a COVID-19 vaccine waiting list? How do I get on it?

CUHCC does not have a waiting list for a COVID-19 vaccine. 

The first doses of COVID-19 vaccine will be given to people working in health care settings who could get COVID-19 at work and people who live in long-term care facilities. Other groups that may get some of the early doses include some first responders, essential workers, adults with high-risk medical conditions, and older adults.

Check back soon for more information on which individuals are able to receive the vaccine. 

I'm at high risk for developing COVID-19. Will I be prioritized to get the vaccine sooner than others?

We know that there will not be enough vaccines for everyone right away but people who have certain COVID-19 risk factors will likely be able to receive a vaccine sooner than people who don’t have risk factors.  

We still do not know exactly who will be able to get the vaccine first or how many we will get. The US, Minnesota, county and city governments are thinking of a plan to start with people at the highest risk. We’ll follow these guidelines closely and post information here.

Which COVID-19 vaccine will CUHCC have? Can I pick which one I want?

CUHCC patients will be offered whichever vaccine we’ve been allotted by US and Minnesota health authorities. Right now, we don’t know which one that will be. Check back soon for more information.

Can I get more than one COVID-19 vaccine?

CUHCC is still awaiting guidance from US health committees. 

Because doses will be in short supply, we expect the recommendation to be one vaccine per person (though some vaccines may require two separate doses). 


Are COVID-19 vaccines safe and effective?

Your CUHCC provider wants you to be as safe as possible. Our providers have read the research about the COVID-19 vaccine and they trust that the vaccine works well and is safe for you, your family and our community. If you have concerns or more questions, please talk to your CUHCC provider.

Do COVID-19 vaccines mean we can get "back to normal"?

Even after vaccines become available, we should still be socially distant, wear masks and avoid large gatherings indoors until we hear from our US and Minnesota health experts.

How much will the COVID-19 vaccine cost?

At, CUHCC, your vaccine will be free. It will be covered by your insurance or free of charge.